You’re Bothering Me

A leaf on the road is not bothering anyone. I stepped on the leaf and he/she didn’t say ow. The leaf was quiet. Why can’t you be a leaf? Why can’t you act the way I expect? Why do you have to react differently from my expectations? A leaf never told me, “you’re bothering me”.

I kept walking along the road, enjoying the rustling trees. I saw some birds and none of them mind me walking. No bird said, “you’re in my way”. Why can’t everyone be like this? I’m existing in my little bubble; why do you always feel the need to pop it?

I hummed a little song and imagined some turtles in the clouds. No cloud said, “focus on reality”. Reality is stressful. Too much things to do. Not enough fun. Mean people. Why should I focus on something that drains my energy? Why should I focus on a person that doesn’t let me live my life?

I finally made it home. The smile, I had on my face. The peace, I felt within myself. The comfort of knowing everything will be fine. All of it; gone. I made it back home safe and sound. I have never said, “I’m so glad to be home”. The slow homicide committed by passively living a life. Why can’t I figure it out and get myself out of here. Please stop. You’re bothering me.

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