Scales for Horns

I’ll trade this crocodile skin for that cow leather.

Hmm, you got a deal.

Congrats son, I’m so proud of you. You made your first trade. Now come on, let’s trade that cow leather for some eagle talons. Remember the key to trading is to trade for what they have and what you want.

Okay, remember be confident , be direct and play dumb.

Hi, I wanted to make you a trade.

What do you have to trade?

I have snake scales. What do you got?

For some snake scales, I’ll give you some sheep horns.


Oh my goodness son. You are a natural born salesman. Perfect, now that we have the horns, we can start the devil ritual.

Jal ajl and oh thank the lord of Yulesp.

Dad, what’s next.


Daddy why?

It must be done.

Hours later the police come to the man’s house.

The father was caught slicing his son’s body…

Oh my god stop. I don’t want to hear about that.

I mean there is a lot more that happened.

I don’t care. Oh my god. How can anyone be this sick?

The world is filled with sick people. You get used to it.

The man throws up and quit his job the next day.

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