I do not condone violence in any type of way. I do not support violence. I do not wish to ever use violence.

With that being said…

I would beat the bricks out of someone, stomp their head in and gouge out their tongue if I was angry enough. Fortunately, for people and myself, I have never been that furious nor ever committed such acts. I stay calm because deep down in my heart I know violence will not solve anything. I don’t understand it.

Specifically I don’t understand this situation.

A man has a business on a particular street; he works everyday and he starts making good money. One day, he decides that he wants to expand to another location. Everything is going well.

Until, another guy realizes, he is making less money than he was before. How could this be? That is when this guy sees the man doing business on his territory. Now, this isn’t going to work out. The guy discusses with the man that he has to pack up and leave. A firm warning that if he leaves right now; there won’t be any future problems.

This is where you have to decide – is it greed, is it necessity, is it carelessness, is it his fault?

The man leaves and goes back to his original spot. He makes the same amount of money as he did before but less than what he was making at the other spot. He thinks of other solutions but none are profitable. He debates with himself and risks it. I will be discreet. The guy will never know.

The guy finds out. He doesn’t confront the man this time.


“I’m home!”

“Daddy! I missed you. Today, me and mom went to the park and we saw a mommy ducky with all of her little duckies babies.”

“Oh really and where’s your… “

Gunshots. A car vroom’s hastily away.

The man is fighting not to cry in front of his little boy who got shot. There is blood all over the floor.

“ANGIE!!!!! CALL 911!!! HURRY”

“Daddy, what’s happening to me.”

“Oh umm.”

“Daddy, why is it getting so dark?”

“Michael keep your eyes open okay. Michael. Michael. MICHAEL! Oh my god. GOD WHY?”

The man cries holding his dead bloody child. Only more tragedy is awaiting him when he realizes that his wife wasn’t home.

This is the reality of violence. It solves no problems. It creates a reason for the victim not to do something again. The man will never be on that street. Why couldn’t the guy just kill the man? If the guy killed the man, he would never have to worry about the man again. The answer is simple. What will hurt a person more? What will cause more suffering to the person? What will make sure that man learns his lesson?

It’s all pointless. This makes me angry. The guy will brag to his friends that he got rid of the competition leaving out the fact that he killed an innocent child. Or maybe he won’t. Maybe he will brag about it.

I wish I could kill everyone who thinks like this. I hate these people. Pussies with guns. I cannot stand it. I don’t need a gun to have you leaking on the floor. I will take your life with my own hands.

Violence, it is a endless cycle. It takes great strength and a strong resolution to end it.

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