Death by Dimes

“You, Richard Millie have been sentenced to death by dimes.”

“What is that?”

“Psst. It’s when they put a thousand dimes in a pot, smelt it down and pour it on you.”


“Yeah, it has been nice knowing you man.”

“You, Pep Dorsche have also been sentenced to death by dimes.”

“Who even thought of this form of punishment. This is inhumane.”

“Alright, that is enough. Guards sends these two to the chauldron.”

“Wait! Is there any other way I can pay my debt to society.”

“Guards! Take these scum of humanity away.”

“I know we’re gonna die a horrible death but I do not regret anything; it has been a good time.”


The two silver statues still stand in front of the court house to this day.

Legends says that the two statues are Tealiland’s most infamous criminals. They poured melted silver and copper onto their bodies as they were shackled standing up. A fitting punishment for their crimes said the judge at the time.

“What did they do”?

“They burnt down a Catholic church saying God would never allow such religion to exist. That the Catholic church is the devil’s work.

“What is Catholic”.

“I do not know but our historians say it was pseudo-religion used to control the people.”

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