“She don’t love me bro.”

“But she would.”

“What do you mean would? What should I do?”

“Oh! I can’t tell you”

“Come on my guy tell me.”

“No man , you’re fine. She just not the one for you.”

“Dude, I thought you were my friend.”

“Fine I’ll tell you, take a look at this.”

“A magazine?”

“Read the back.”

Have female problems? Can’t get a date? Haven’t talked to a girl in weeks? NO GIRLFRIEND? You NEED THIS number one technique. This technique is scientifically proven to work and you are guaranteed to see results within a day. Don’t miss out! This technique has helped and transformed the lives of millions of men, across the world, to help them find the love of their lives.

“I don’t know. It seems like a scam.”

“What if I told you. I bought it a few months ago and it helped me get with Maria.”

“No way! You bought this?”

“Yeah and I payed $120 for it, so I’m kinda jealous of you since they’re now only selling it for $50. They even have other techniques but I just bought this one. Plus the others are more expensive.”

“Hmm. I still don’t know. Does it really work?”

“It worked for me and I’m short. I’m 100% sure that for a tall guy like you, it will work even better. Just take a picture of the back and call that number whenever you decide to actually go through with it.”

“Can’t I just borrow your magazine?”

“No! I’m still soaking up all the knowledge and it’s my only copy. Plus the magazine comes in a whole set with more stories, testimonies, DvDs and inspirational posters.”

“Damn. You really dove into this.”

“Yeah man. This honestly changed my life.”

“Okay. I will subscribe. How long will it take for me to get it?”

“Mine took about three month.”

“Three months! That’s a long time.”

“Yeah I know but I actually got mine in two weeks because I actually know a guy who works for the company. If you want:, you can give me the money and I can get you one; so you won’t have to wait as long.”

“Oh! That sounds like a great idea. Here take my money.”

“Alright. I’ll go right now to the guy. I will let you know when I do.”

“Don’t worry. I trust you.”

“Alright. I promise it’s worth it, man. You gonna love it I swear.”

And that is how I lost 50 dollars.

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