Wash These Sandy Socks

I wear my socks to the beach.

They always end up getting filled with sand.

Unbelievable and now a seagull took em.

Now, back to the sand.

I write in the sand. I love you. The ocean washes it away.

You make me happy. You make me feel so silly; you are funnier than the old hillbilly. I made you angry and now you’re yelling at me because I didn’t bring the sunscreen.

I think we can be together and last forever. You do not believe in forever and that we will last as long as we do. You need me, as much as a fish needs the sky.

I want to be your sweet terrific ice cream guy, on this hot sandy day. You want to enjoy us in the moment, at this specific time. Let’s not think a minute ahead.

I can’t help to think about our lives together until we’re dead

I write in the sand; our names with a heart in the middle.

I write in the sand; your first name with my last name.

I write in the sand; save me S.O.S.

I draw in the sand; a picture of us next to our dream home.

I draw in the sand; our future happy family.

I draw in the sand; two stick figures holding hands.

The waves come and wash it all away.

The sun is low and it is the time for us to depart.

Woah. The seagull is up in the sky and he still has my socks. I offer him a chip, to which he readily agreed. He cawed and handed my socks back to me.

I ask you, “can you wash these sandy socks for me?”

You smile and grab my socks, only to throw them into sea. “Let the ocean take it away”, that is what you said to me.

I stared at you in disbelief. Now, I will definitely not have socks on my feet.

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