Meet Me

Meet me when I have money

when I’m able to afford flowers that doesn’t come with bees and bugs.

I have nothing for you now except for what you see

and even that is something I cannot afford.

I’m worried about how I am not enough.

Another day of being by myself searching in a box for a prize.

The box has nothing for me.

I have nothing for you.

I can only give what I think is love.

I can only give what is I think is right for you.

I can only give because I could never ask for anything from you.

I can only give what I actually have.

Meet me on a cloudy day so I can give you something I think is brighter than the sun’s rays.

Meet me right now and I’ll prove to you that the poor man could never be your love.

When it starts to rain. I won’t have an umbrella for you. You’ll be drenched. I have nowhere to take you.

The poor man doesn’t have a place.

I am the poor man, who can only give to make you stay.

The poor man will never find love.

Meet me, and I’ll show you the sadness of being with a poor man.

I love you.

From, A poor man

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