Like Always

Summer is near.

A birthday in June is here.

Like always, I never been more miserable.

Another year has gone. Nothing has been accomplished. Only mistakes and failures that we still repeat. We do not grow, we do not learn, we only hold back our tears as we wait for the day to pass on by.

Birthdays has never been something I look forward too. I was spoiled. Nothing compares to the extravagant parties in my youth.

During my teen angst, birthdays would pass by as the worst of regular days. Now, is no different.

I am a small child at heart. He cries because no one cares, no one acknowledges him, no one is there with him when he cuts into the cake. He is all alone.

In the unusual circumstance that someone does wish him, a happy birthday, he smiles ear to ear and plays it off as no big deal. Little, does that person know how overjoyed they made him.

Except today is not like always. No.Today is made incredibly special by an amazing -nay- angelic person. This person has made the little child finally cry. He has never felt so loved in so long. He cannot believe someone would go to such great lengths for him.

He made his birthday wish.

Hopefully, in the future it will come true.

Today is not like always.

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