Edge of Solitude

Wrecking havoc in your mind causing delirium. You are on the edge of solitude heading towards…


Notice, how your hands reach out to the heavens clinging on to your will to survive. Your friends and family have left you. What are you?

Alone? A nobody? A stranger? To everyone you ever met and has forgotten you; what are you? To the people you have yet to face; what are you? Do you exist in isolation?

You’re shunned and rightly so. Inevitably, you will seek out companionship, craving any form of connection; you will sell yourself to the person inclined to take you up on your offer.

Pray, they never find out who you are and what you have done. A chameleon, you now shall be; becoming a person no one would ever raise an eyebrow to.

Standing on the edge – you see how little option you have – there is three option. Walk back where you came from and be this new person. Fall off the edge and wither away to nothingness. Or stay standing on the edge waiting for a person to interrupt your solitude.

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