Half of a Grape

Go with the flow so they say. When I do I feel like bad things happen. Nothing ever turns out the way I want it to. I wouldn’t say it’s unexpected however, most of the time it’s something that past me didn’t want to take care of, so now present me has to deal with them. All I want is to be able to enjoy the day without having a single thought about what I am, who I am and whether or not what I am doing is actually right/proper for me.

“You want half a grape”.


They take one grape and bite it in half then they hand it to me. In my head, I was dumbfounded, who gives half a grape.

“I thought you said half my grapes”

“NO. I said half a grape. Do you not want it?”

Who offers someone half of a grape, I said to myself. I wanted to go with the flow but I don’t want half a grape especially since he basically touched it with his mouth.

“No thanks, I appreciate the offer though.”

“Suit yourself. Well see ya.”

Welp, there goes another person who didn’t want anything to do with me. Maybe, I should just go mute and learn sign language. Still don’t get that guy though if I had a bunch of grapes, I would give half of them not just half of one. Maybe, I ask for too much.

Too many choices, too many options, too many people; all I want is one to make clear cut sense so I don’t have to worry if it’s the right one.

Would you want a half a grape?

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