Zealot People Of New Zealand

The Zeal People have been residing in the outskirts of New Zealand since the first human existed. Other native societies around them have abandoned most of these land. Yet, the Zeal People have managed to evolve throughout time. Despite, extreme climate change already altering their way of life. They have been trying to achieve “awakening” a word, they use to describe one person’s’ body becoming unbounded by the material world. While, also advancing their small society to flourish in this gritty environment without the help from outer civilizations.

This is what you need to know before we enter their land. They are a jubilant people who pride themselves of being forward thinkers creating many innovations still not seen in our own current society. They believe in the legend that states that they are the original people of this world, who were chosen to represent mankind.

Fun fact; this legend has some hidden truth as archaeologists have discovered one of the oldest human fossils around this area. The people here, are also in possession of one of the world’s first journals which they claim was written by the first person on Earth. Most of which, is non-legible although, they say that the man’s kin can read said journal; and has passed on the same story without deviations for 50,000 years.

Zeal People are confident that they know all the answers in this world and call their religion Solar. We will not get into all of that right now and so, let us remember that you all are about to embark on a rare chance to see how these ancient people live.

Oops. I almost forgot. The number one rule to remember, is to sing the last word of every sentence you say. It is a custom that all travelers must abide too. We must remind you, to not disrespect their wishes as this is their land. We are only but guests here. Our ability to interact with their society is extremely dependent on our relationship with them.

Okay, now any questions?

“Why do we have to sing the last word of our sentences?”

We still do not have an explanation for that. Our best guess, is that it humors them as they seem to enjoy it when we do.

Any more questions? No? Great.

Then, let us head out.

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