Let’s Jeopardize Peace?

Peace is what? What kind of peace is at risk? Who is jeopardizing peace? What is wrong with peace? Why do we fight for peace? How can peace come from violence? When will peace happen? Is peace possible? Did peace ever exist? Is peace only for yourself?

If a tree falls in the middle of nowhere and no one is there to hear it , then, did it make a sound? Is this how we should see peace? I’m at peace. Do we need to make others at peace? What is wrong with how we see peace?

Let’s jeopardize peace for the chance of freedom. Is freedom peace? Is peace freedom? Then is false peace, us pretending to be free to make our own choices? If we have to fight for freedom then how can we expect peace? Why is peace the goal? Should we be civilized for peace? Or is peace allowing others to be free to do what they please? Is it impossible for us to be in harmony? Will any of the future kids ever live to see it?

Would I jeopardize my own peace for the sake of others peace? Do we need to sacrifice ourselves when others’ peace is at risk? Who would want to jeopardize peace? Do monsters deserve peace; when they are the cause for others’ conflicts and insecurities? Should we forgive to achieve peace? What should we do? Who has the answers? Who can lead us to peace?

Who needs peace?

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