You Did Not Choose Me

You picked me.
From the start.
I knew.
We bonded.
We laughed.
You knew.
I was serious.
You, not so much.
I wanted.
You needed.
With you.
Without me. 
To focus, on life.
I asked you, to be mine. 
You said, yes let's give it a try.
The next day.
I was calm.
You didn't sleep.
Then you decided. 
It had to be over. 
With me. 
That right now, it is too soon.
You couldn't be mine. 
You didn't choose me. 
I want you.
To be in my life.
I know, it is only a matter of time. 
Before, you switch up your mind. 
Until you find another. 
I will be on your mind. 
You will stay in my spotlight.
You will be the one.
We tell this story.
And say.
Once upon a time.
You didn't choose me.
Now look at you.
Wearing all white.

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