Spilled Juice in History

He’s frazzled. He had a feast for a breakfast. He split orange juice on himself, now he’s fuming. You can see the smoke coming out of his ears.

Stay away at all cost or you will become a no-name victim caught up in his wrath. He grabs the glass and throws it straight into a man’s face. The glass cup strikes him so hard that it shatters on impact, disfiguring his face.

The ballistic man does not even bat an eye and apologizing never crosses his mind. He becomes more enraged for the man not catching his cup. He orders the guards to send the man to the labor camps, to spend the rest of his life.

He instructs one of his maids to get rid of the orange juice stain immediately off. He yells at his aides that he is tired. You can see it on his face. Bags and dark circles covers his eyes. He cannot remember the last time he had a good night sleep. He can hear the sounds of the opposition. Outside, the people are chanting for his removal and his head. His aides tip-toe into the room, to brief the man about the current situation.

As they discuss the state of affairs of the country, he asks about abidaction. One of the aides let it slip about what the common people think.

This was the spark, that blew up the combustible man.

In a furious rant, he says he will destroy the way of life and the pseudo peace in this world. He says, he wants to change the world for the better and that the common folk could never understand what he has planned. There is no turning back now. Order the troops to go forward and drop the bombs. Any one that has any objections raise your hand…Good. Once this is all over; the history books shall praise my name.

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