Controsvey in the Submarine

Day 35

I’m in a submarine with Paul Longer, a research scientist from Tokyo, Japan; who I have been assigned with, to study the Mariana trench. We are to be the first humans to ever reach the bottom of the deepest part of the Earth… If we managed to make it back. It has been 35 days since we last saw the sky. Five days ago, we passed the 10,927 meters mark, 35,853 feet for the Americas; which was previously the deepest any humans has ever reached. We been floating down in pitch black, with no signs of life, only the occasional plastic trash. All is well outside, as the submarine has been holding up fine despite the creaking noise it makes as we dive deeper.

Inside however, this motherfucker Paul is starting to stink like death. The man’s breath is malodorous, he could burn fire with that breath. Living in such a tight space with him is starting to drive me mad. I had a bag of peanut m&m which has gone missing and I asked Paul about it, who denies ever seeing it. Lord, help him if I ever find an empty bag of M&M’s.

This is Pablo Ruiz – Feburary 7th, 2054 signing off.

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