Ash is the Heart

How dare you talk to another when I have been gone for only a while?

Well. It was easy. I did not care for you.

Do you have no compassion?

I do but none for you. You are an ugly person.

Is your heart made out of ash?

You can burn that love you had for me up because I won’t make you warm.

How can you be so cold?

This conversation has bored me. Can you leave now?

I will not until you give me an explanation.

You still here? Why haven’t you left yet? I do not care about you nor about what you do.

I can’t believe I loved you.

I can’t believe; you are still here.

Fuck you. I hate you. I wish I never met you.

Sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, know that it was all lies. My only want regarding you, is to leave.

We been together for SEVEN years! Is this really how you want to end us?

BYE! Can you leave now?

You are going to regret this…

I promise as soon as you leave; that I will be talking to the woman, who is the true love of my life.

She goes home and cries in her bed over a man who never cared for her

The man stays home waiting to love another.

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