Doctor in the Mirror

What is the diagnosis?

Yup. You’re crazy for sure.


Yeah. You have what we like to call “you’re a fucking crazy person” syndrome.

Is there anything I can do?

Nope. You’re stuck like this forever.

Oh man, what should I do?

Jump off a building and end the suffering.

Anything more constructive?

Well you could practice healthy habits , get quality sleep and avoid triggers.


Yes. When you close your eyes and see those demonic images or when you see a sacrifice ritual it is because you are being triggered by your violent and malicious urges. Also, best not to share that with anyone.

Ok. Will I always live with this fucking crazy person disease?

Yes. There is no cure. All you can do is hope and pray that one day it goes away. However, as a medical professional I never seen it go away.

Great. Well thank you doctor.

Knock Knock.

Oh my god, what did you do? Write a book!

Bruh. I had to wash my hands; I just took a huge shit.

Gross, don’t tell me that.

You, the one that asked.

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