Come for Tea

I don’t know what you got going on in your head but I can tell what I got going on in mine.

I breathe and you breathe.

You smile when I talk when I can’t even see you doing it.

I smile when you talk when you can’t see me doing it.

You make me feel the shakes, the tingles down my spine, the woahs.

The electricity in my brain lights up the light that turns me on to you.

I think about you and wow I fucking love you.

I can already imagine you telling me to stop cursing.

I say I can’t help myself, it’s the only word that I can use to truly express myself.

Then you say…


The greek myth about people being divided into two seperate humans to forever search for their other missing half, all of it is true.

You are the female version of me. You are the other half of me.

I can feel the strength between us two. This is what the greek gods were scared about and I can see why. It’s frightening to think about all the things that we can accomplish together. It’s inspiring to think about the lives we can change.

We can do so much.

This is love is calm; like how this buddhist proverb I heard this one time. I do not feel nervous. I do not feel anxious. I do not feel excitement. I do not feel scared. I do not feel anything. All I feel is a calm breeze pushing a single leaf to a new journey.

This feels so familiar yet so new.

I did not know from the start. I did not think any of this would happen. I did not even think you would ever feel the same.

Little time passes and this I know with complete certainty; I will spend my entire life on this earth with you. No temptations can ever make me risk losing you. I value you and this bond with a price that can never be paid. They will have to kill me to ever separate me from you.

Let’s sing terribly so we can make the gods that separates us bleed from their ears.

I love you and of course you love me so why not join me for our first cup of tea.

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