Two of a Kind

White and Pink Azaelas.

You laugh and make random noises. You repeat random words as you try to remember what you wanted to say. You have a certain way of talking. You remind me of me talking to myself.

I did not think that we would even be friends.

I wish I was more original so I can truly explain how I feel about you. I’m stunned. When you ask me about my ideals and I give you my true opinion. I am astonished when you give an eerily similar response. You and me are both shocked when we find out something new about each other. Our voices changes the same way when we realized something new about each other. The surprise in your voice refreshes my ears.

What else can I say? This sounds so unoriginal, so cliche, so done before, so uninspired; so forgettable but I seriously have fallen head over heels for you.

I can’t tell you what I have planned for us. I can’t tell you all that I think about you. I can’t tell you my feelings. I physically can’t tell you. I don’t even care to show you what I have written for you.

This part is different for me.

All I want is to enjoy this early part of us. I want to savour this moment. I want to live in this emotion with you. Which is weird for me. When I talk to you it’s like talking to myself. It’s like we are two of a kind. I feel so corny. I never felt like this. Is this genuine love?

This is definitely different for me.

I hope you never read this and if you do, I hope you think that I’m not actually talking about you.

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