Sagacious Person

I don’t want to fuck it up .

The way she says she’s not tired but sleepy. I literally don’t know what to do. I would give up consciousness to become a mite living on her eyebrow.

This person makes me feel so understood and happy but fuck all of that. Fuck, how they make feel. This person is a living exhibition, who is redefining all the words I know.

“Stupidious. Quintessential. Immaculate. Resplendent. Pulchritudinous. Statuesque. Splendiferous. Ravishing. Bewitching. Incomparable. Indescribable. Ineffable. Transcendent.”

Half of those words, I cannot even pronounce correctly. My use of circumlocution does not do me any good. There is no word in the world that can replicate, let alone imitate the presence that you have.

This person by herself is amaze… How it makes me feel just knowing this person is amazing. She is genuine and unmatched in wholesomeness. She is quite literally awesome. Snakes charm her. The pope asks her for a blessing. She is her and no one else.

I want to know her, for all of my life. I do not care if it works out with her. I hope I never get to stop being her friend. Losing her is losing my glasses. I can’t see clearly without her. I know what I want with her. I know how I want to live beside her. This person is quite literally the personification of my imagination.

Now I’m scared. Not scared that this won’t work out. I have no doubt that it will. I’m scared about if I learned all the lessons I needed to learn beforehand. I do not want you to become a lesson in my life, a memory or a past person.

I want you to be my now and forever, to be my present.

I want to get a whole new phone just so you can be the only person that has my number.

I am so crazy about you and for the first time in my life; it actually does not feel crazy to be like this. This balance I have with you already. I feel like I can tightrope Mount Everest on a unicycle; while holding journals that are filled with stories about you.

You’re so fucking awesome and I love you already.

I wouldn’t tell you this though.

This is just me talking to myself.

“Hi Sage. How are you doing today?”

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