Nova Scotia


“Sir. It has been six years since we last been home. Don’t you miss your family.”

“I do not care about them. They ridiculed me. Labelled me as crazy. Laughed at my ambitions. I have not even the slightest inclination to go back.”

“Sir; I have been at your side for the past six years. We have overcome many trials and tribulations, we have shared everything together up to this point. I will follow you till death but nonetheless I cannot stand by you any longer if this is all we’re going to do.”

“Go on then. I will miss having such a first class competent right hand but we all must follow our heart and do what is right for ourselves.”

“Sir. You have to face the reality of our situation; we have trekked and scouted all of Nova Scotia. We have a lot of men and even more that left on their own accord and we have found nothing.”

“I have told you already. I am close. I can sense it. For the past six years not once have I ever said these words…”

“But Sir.”

“Like I told the men that have left us; I will not pander nor compromise my integrity. I will never sell false hope or lies that we will find it soon. I allowed all that wanted to leave, to leave. You are welcomed to do the same.”

“I know Sir and that is why I have stuck with you for so long.”

“Then why do you whine that we must end our search.”

“It has been six years Sir. Since I last saw my friends and family. I have grown exhausted from wiping my ass with leaves. I would like to experience my mother’s cooking once more. I want us to return so we can…”

“RETURN!? WITH NOTHING!? ARE YOU MAD!? I would rather use a porcupine as toilet paper. I rather have catch dysentery and drink out of a boar’s bladder. No! I will not return until I have captured it. I will not let the men, who have died for my dream, to be in vain. By returning back, I will be shitting on their graves and spitting on their skeletons.”

“Fine. I understand Sir. Then will you tell me why we have been sticking by this rock for the past month? I will gladly continue searching on with you however I will not sit around and wait here by this rock a second longer.”

“This is it. I told you. This is their rock. The rock that they rely on to survive.”

“Alright then Sir.”

“You’ll stay?”

“No Sir. I’ll be making the journey back home. It has been a sublime time working with you Sir. I guess the time has come where I must follow my own ambition. I wish to one day be a person with convictions strong as yours. A person blind to everything for the sake of accomplishing his dreams.”

“I will be taking that as an insult Wilfred.”

“I know you will Sir but I assure you it is not.”


“Yes, Sir.”

“When I return back; I promise you that I will return with the horn of the Unicorn. I will have my name known all around the world.”

“I will be rooting for you Sir.”

Wilfred never heard from Sir ever again after that day.

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