Who knows what really happened

“I was on top of a cliff and someone pushed me.””Why and who would do that?” “I was enjoying the view all by myself; now I’m falling off a cliff.”

“There is nothing I can do.” “I am going to die.” “All I can do is scream to the bottom.” “Come to think about it; this is a high cliff.”

“Did I do anybody wrong?” “Divine karma?” “But I haven’t done anything wrong.” “Punishment for a past life?” “Did I betray someone?”

“Am I going to land on the rocks or hit the water?” “Can I survive that?

A splash. Few seconds passes. The man pops out of the water.

“I’m ALIVE!!!!!”

“Ahahahahahah, fuck you!”

He sticks out his middle fingers to the sky. “You can’t kill me.”

The moment of relief is swept away along with him. The waves comes rolling over the man. He swallows a mouthful of salty seal pee. He gets tossed around and slammed into the jagged rocks; his skull cracks open like a oyster, with his brain popping out like a pearl.

The man obviously dies and we will never learn his name.

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