I am climbing up this mountain right now, somewhere in this unwelcoming world. Howling winds and the frigid temperature has my body frozen and my teeth chittering. I advance forward as I drag my feet across the snow. It’s becoming difficult to breathe. I stop more often trying fill up my lungs with oxygen. I know that I am breathing yet my nose doesn’t feel to be working. I feel like I am going to pass out here.


Am I dreaming? Am I dead? I must be. The last thing that I remember, is the snow hitting my face. Guess I won’t ever reach the peak of this great mountain. My biggest regret is dying here right before reaching the top. I wonder what my family would think; will they ever know that I am actually dead? Will they search for me? Even if they do, no one will ever find me here. My dead body will lie in this snow until the condors find me. They would probably start pecking at my eyes, hopefully leaving behind, a real nice skeleton for the next future dead person to find.

The winds have calmed and the sun is making her first appearance of the day. I can feel the warm beams of light. Wait… How can I feel the sun? When I am supposed to be dead.


I rise from my pseudo death and grab an oatmeal raisin granola bar that I had in my bag. I must have bought this bar from the store of god. When I munched into this bar; I could have sworn, I was eating a plate of my mom’s grilled chicken. No longer famished. I take some quick puffs out of my oxygen canister and continue the ascent to the peak.


There was no more surprises. The day couldn’t have been more perfect. Everything was going smoothly and in a short amount of time I reached the summit. The scenes were extraordinary; from the white snowflakes falling from the sky, to being able see the steam rising from the hot springs below. I can imagine all of the little blobs I saw, were dozens of Japanese macaques bathing, enjoying the water; that I will soon enjoy after descending down from here. I must have been standing here for an hour already. This was well worth almost dying for. Time to head back.


Strange. What happened to the bottom? Where is the rest of the mountain? Oh… I see. Well, I wish to thank the Gods for letting me play on their playground. Please protect my family and friends, please let them know that I will be fine. It must finally be time to say goodbye.

A lone condor finds the man’s body.

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