Mr. Eel

What sound do eels makes?

“Look at this eel”, pointing at the bottom of the river. “I can’t see anything down there”. The eel notices the two people talking and slithers under the mud. “You missed it. He was right there.” “Hey where did you go?” The man glances around him to find his friend already walking down the path. His friend shouts at him telling him to hurry back.

“Hold on, I need to get a picture first”. His friend scoffs and leaves him behind, as he continues hiking down the muddy trail.

“Where are you, Mr. Eel? Don’t be shy, I’m not going eat you.” The man kneels down with his face barely above the surface of the water. He sees fishes, crabs and little tadpoles, yet no sign of the elusive eel. The man rises up and heads towards a dead log near the edge of the river bank. He lays down so he can stick his hand into the water. “Come on eel, come out to play… Wait.” The man registers that he is doing something dumb and dangerous. He leaves to search for a stick long enough to touch the bottom of the river. “This will work”.

The man heads back to the log and attempts again. He swirls the stick around, flipping stones disturbing the crabs below. Time passes with still no sign of the eel. “Sigh, nothing”. He abandons the stick and leaves in a haste from his fruitless endeavor.

In one swift motion, he hops off the log, slipping onto the slippery mud. “Great”. Covered in mud, the irritated man washes his hand in the river. “EEL!!!!” He rummages through his pocket to find his special underwater camera. The eel does not stand by for his picture to be taken. “No way. You are not going to disappear on me again”. The desperate man flings himself into the water to take a picture with his camera. His camera flashes underwater, spooking the eel, who decides to give a flash of his own.

The man’s body starts to spasm out of control; now paralyzed under the water. The man’s mind races as he tries to gain control of his body. He wants air. He cannot move. He drowns. The eel has already left from the frightening situation.

A shoal of piranhas find the lifeless body. They go on to tear apart his flesh and make quick work of the former human. All that is left, is the underwater camera that was safe from the ravenous fish.

Few hours later, the man’s friend returns to the spot that he last saw his friend. He retrieves the man’s camera lying underwater. He sees the marvelous picture of the eel that costed his friend’s life. There is no other sign of his friend. He stares up to the sky trying to figure out what happen to the man. Not already knowing that he is looking right at him.

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