The Impulsive Baby

Of course he is a male.

Females in this world are dealing with all of human history to change their roles in life. The male in the modern day has all the options in the world of what they want to become because they created this world.

The 21st century male suffers from this world that allows everyone to have a chance in this world. Females were never in competition with males for all of human history. Only until recently that the male has to face competition from the other half of the human species.

I have to tell you, shit hard.

I am here doing whatever I want as an impulsive baby. Asking all the question like I’m a toddler, who has never experienced life.

Immature and delusional is all i am. I’m not grown. I can’t take care of child let alone myself. So I cannot understand why my parents would expect as much, when I have been under their care my entire life.

Why haven’t I grown up, is what they ask me. How can I give them an answer when I have been living life as life is. What can I do to change it? I shrug my shoulder to that question, because the only thing I care about is having a bunch of sex with random people and blowing money gambling and other extracurricular activities because it’s fun.

Life is about having fun, is it not?

What if its not? Oh well.

Lets get fucked up.

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