Soyffy’s Press Conference

Global Superstar Soyffy has scheduled a press conference for today in regards on his future.

[Coughs] “Excuse me everyone. Can I have your attention? I would like to make an announcement.” [Quiet fills the room] “I will be taking a leave of absence to go search for myself.”

The people in the room pretends to be shocked. Cameras flashes all around. [Ohhh, whaaaa and gasps are let out into the room.]

A reporter in the back lets out a small groan and thinks to himself “Nice…One of these announcement again, like he didn’t just do one seven months ago”. The reporter looks to his cameraman and tells him “if he doesn’t say anything news worthy in the next five minutes, we’ll leave alright.” The cameraman nods in agreement.

Soyffy continues after the room settles down from the commotion.

“I would like to thank my Soybeans, my Sheeps and of course my team for sticking by me through this time”. The reporter rolls his eyes and thinks “blah blah blah, just tell us why you’re leaving this time”.

“All projects of mine will be on hiatus as I realized I have become a narcissists with nothing more to say. My work has become boring and stale.” The people in the room are astonished and flabbergasted by what he said. The reporter in the back listens intently now.

“I came to the conclusion that my work is no longer authentic and raw. I have resigned myself to the superficial rules of appearances and following the guide to content. I shall take this time to deprogram myself from caring. I want to return to my roots. That is all I have to say.”

Soyffy’s publicist opens the floor to questioning.

The entire room bursts into life, the reporters in the room go crazy screaming out questions, waving their hands as if they were going through epilepsy. You would have thought there was a strobe disco ball in the room with the amount of cameras flashing and people frantically moving.

The first question is asked, “Your last project “Abundance” did tremendously well during award season. It won 10 awards out of 14 nominations. How can you say that your work has become boring and stale when so many people have praised and enjoyed it? Me, included because I loved “Abundance”.

Soyffy shrugs his shoulders and sighs, “I am forever thankful to you and to the all the others that I enjoyed it. I am eternally grateful for all of the accolades that “Abundance” has gotten. But to me, it has to be one of the most weakest projects I have ever made. That project was made by ego for the sole purpose of winning awards. That project does not mean anything to me nor do I want it to be associated with me.”

The second question comes right after, “What will happen to the projects that you have ongoing now? You said they will be on hiatus but are you going to continue them after you come back? What do these projects mean to you?

Soyffy’s face lightens up, “Sword in the Nordic and Seoul Dreams will continue when I come back. I am taking this leave because I want these next two projects to be the greatest works of my career. I am aware that cannot achieve perfection but I will certainly look to achieve it with these two bodies of work. The reason I am leaving is so I can get back to my roots of creating which means researching, living and becoming the people I want to create.”

Soyffy nods to his publicist to let her know that he is ready to be done.

“We will take one final question”. The reporter in the back raises his hand. Soyffy spots him out of the wave of reporters and points at him.

“The last time you “disappeared” was 7 months ago and before you left that time you said and I quote here; “When I come back “Abundance” will be one of my best known projects and that this project means the world to me, I can’t wait to finish it.”

Soyffy replies “Correct. I recall that I said that”.

“Well then now my question to you is, what is going to be different this time? Is this just another ploy to gain more attention and hype? Are you just leaving to escape the allegations that are coming against you at this moment?”

Soyffy shuts down and replies in a monotone voice, “first I want to start off by saying as a creator, it is our duty to always feel that our newest project is our best project. I lied. I did not feel that about “Abundance” during the time since it was a project that was losing its original message. I left to work on bringing it back but in the end I couldn’t. I was forced to stick with the last version and that is the one that was put out. In regards to the meaning of this press conference, I never want to have any of these, but I cannot simply leave without people looking for me. Lastly, to the allegations I would like to say that my heart goes out to the victim’s family as I know that this is an extremely difficult time for them. Unfortunately, my lawyers has instructed me to not say anything as it is an open case. The public will know the facts in due time and all I can say is sorry again to the man and his family.

“Thank you for your time.” A dejected Soyffy steps away from the podium and has not been seen since that day.

Who knows when he will be back.

All I can say is that I can’t wait for when he does because I cannot wait for “Sword in the Nordic” and “Seoul Dreams” to be finished.

“Shit me too”.

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