Shut The Fuck Up

Oh my god. You did it again!!!! You fucking talked too much… Like when will you learn?!

You were doing so good. Then you come out of nowhere and ruin it.

You straight up ruined it, like what is wrong with you, like what goes through your mind, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tell me!

I have to know so I can slit that part of you out of your mind.

I can’t believe you said what you said.

Do you have no shame? Do you have no self respect?

Of course I do.

Then why the fuck would you go out and say those things!

OH LORD. Well, what can I do now?

What you mean? It’s over now, you can add this to the list of failures. YOU RUINED IT!

Don’t you think you’re being a little dramatic. No I don’t!!!! Now, I’m the one that has to pick up the pieces and move on because your insecure ass couldn’t shut the fuck up!!!

I really can’t stand you. If it wasn’t for you, I would be living the life I deserve instead I have to deal with the bullshits messes you made!!

I had to be honest. I couldn’t hold it in. What’s wrong with that, if they took it the wrong way isn’t that a good thing because one day it will work out.

No. Fuck you.

You can’t say things like that when you just met the person TODAY! You make me sick and disgusted.

God. Why did you have to make me stuck with this guy? I rather be stuck with a person who eats dog shit, I bet they would have more self respect than this motherfucker. How can you possibly think that was the best thing to say in that situation?

OH RELAX. For someone who preaches all about self respect and dignity and blah, blah, blah; why do you care? There will be other chances.

You’re right. There will be. But you know what, if you don’t fucking get this through your head. We are always going to fuck up every chance we get until there’s none left.

Shut the fuck up. If you’re going to come with me then you’re going need to shut the fuck up. If not. You can stay the fuck home.

NO, I’M DONE WITH YOU! I’m not taking you with me anymore until you learn when to say something. MOST IMPORTANTLY LEARN WHAT TO SAY.

I think you’re still being dramatic about this whole thing. Wait, where you going?

Doesn’t matter because I’m not taking you. So shut the fuck up and stay home.

Learn what to fucking say. You fucking burger.

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