Trip to Alaska

I was born in Oakland, California to some crack addicted parents.

My mom sent me away to live with one of her friends and I never saw her again.

We hopped around Houston, St. Louis, Atlanta and finally we stopped in NY. They were great parents, I was loved and cared for.

Once I turned 18, I left to go find myself. I traveled all across the interstate, passing through states and counties. I wondered where life will take me.

In the mid-west, the sun was setting.

I traveled all the way west. People with blonde hair, people with dark skin, people with tattoos, people with bald hair, so many people. None of them became my friends but all of them became apart of my story. I never seen someone with a dick tattoo on their cheeck in person before. I never seen someone have a bison strapped on top of their car. Then I said, I wonder how Alaska is like?

So Alaska we went.

In Alaska, sex was all there was to do and drugs were the only thing to pass the time. Alaska is fucking beatuful when you’re under the influence of any kind. You ever see a caribou, them shits big as fuck. I was walking around the mossy grass by the ice cold fresh river. It was magical. I don’t know what gave me more of an exhilarating rush, the run I did to catch a bunny on it’s way back to its burrow or the crystal meth that some drug dealer gave me.

The high I felt that day is still unmatched. I followed the river straight down untill there was a boulder the size of a car in the way. How does a boulder of this size even get to place like this? There was no other rocks around or mountains in the area. It was as if someone placed it there. I took note but I kept on walking for at least 3 more miles. There was no end to this river like god damn who designs these things. I kept going and wanted to reach the end because rivers are like real life rainbows.

I gave up once I realized I was lost and starting to sober up. It was getting dark. You know, salmon’s don’t sleep; they always keep swimming isn’t that crazy, they never stop not even when you stop looking at them. When I turn back to see if they stopped and all I saw was how their scales glittered like diamonds on a rapper’s chain. I went into my backpack to grab a a nasty cigarette to clear the mind because I was having some weird thoughts like, does raw salmon taste better than cooked salmon?

I puffed on the toxic air and watched the sun set. A sudden realization – oh shit, I’m still lost.

I could panic or I could stay calm and retrace my steps… Or… I can keep getting high and continue going straight.

I went straight, high off PCP. I never felt so closer to the air that surrounds me. The taste of grass never did change though. My stomach growled in anger. I punched him a few times so he could shut up.

That’s when I shut up. A polar bear was right there off in the distance. First, what the fuck is a polar bear doing in Alaska? Second, what the fuckkkk!!! Okay, maybe he didn’t see me. It’s fine. The polar bear turned his head and we made eye contact. FUCK! He started approaching me. Oh fuck this! I sprinted off after that. The moon was fully out now and if it wasn’t for the abudance of stars, I would not have been able to see in front of me. I kept going and going. I only stopped because I tripped on a root like who puts a root right there. I looked around. No polar bear.

A deep sigh of relief. This seemed to me the best time to rest and wait for the sun tomorrow. I popped some sleeping pills and watch the stars as I fell into my short coma. I never seen so many beatuful stars in the sky. The virgin sky untainted by man and I longed to be her lover.

When I woke, I saw the moon go down. I never seen the moon so low, I feel like it’s always up in the sky. I got my shit together and got back to my car.

Alaska was fun. Five stars.

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