Smile and Be Free

The society we are heading towards, is one with cameras everywhere.

People will be free to walk outside without worrying that someone might harm them. Everyone will live a life of accountability and help others in need. The public area will be a place free of judgement, hate and undesirables . There won’t be a single person out there; that will be left to fend for themselves. Imagine it, a world where everyone is a productive member of society. A world that can only exist if everyone decides to make a choice with the collective in mind rather than the individual.

No acts of violence or selfishness will take place.

Nothing bad will ever happened.

How can this be bad? Well for starters, is it a real society if everyone is being watched. You cannot control the darkness inside people. The villains in this world will always exist. Survival of the fittest will ring even more true when they lock up all the criminals and have no one left to put in cages. Crime is still happening and the leaders will question how can this be? Only the most conniving of criminals will survive. Their reign of power will last as long as it can until the leaders say, we must invade your private life to keep you safe.

Where do you feel the most safe? Is it a place where you know that you are alone and no one can see or hear you? Now that’s gone. There’s a camera right over there. “Why do they have to do this”, people will ask. I’m not a criminal. The leaders will reply “but your neighbor could be”. Trust will be lost. It will become clear that everyone and anyone is capable of terrible acts. Some may get used to it and they will be the ones that will make it out of this world. Others will go crazy feeling like they can never be themselves. Few will manage to break away and still be free to commit their evil plans.

The leaders will lauded it as a success. In their circle, an individual will step up unsatisfied with the fact that evil still has not been eradicated. He or she will propose a radical idea. Why don’t we track everyone at all times, everyday for the rest of their lives? They will think of it as a brilliant idea. The leaders will try ways of introducing this idea to much criticism. This is when someone says babies. Babies.. They have no say, they can’t protest. no one will ever know. Leaders will discuss the issue for years until a disaster like no other arises. This will be the final push for the idea to fully come into fruition.

The first baby will be tracked and the rest will be history. It will go off with no problems. The new generation will grow and replace the old. The system will work as it is intended. No one suspects a thing. Until one day, an individual starts noticing a pattern. He or she will come to a conclusion. This person will know the truth. Will this person be able to set the world free?

No…This person has already been tracked. He/she cannot hide. They will find him/her only to never be found again.

Society will have only one motto.

Welcome to Utopia.

Smile and Be Free.

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