The Turtle to Tortilla

“La tortuga se vino pero no se puedo comer la tortilla porque no hay mas tortillas.”

This quote in spanish roughly translate to: the turtle has came but cannot eat the tortilla because there is no more tortillas.

From where this quote is from I cannot say.

I take this quote to heart for the deep meaning, this simple sentence carries.

The turtle cannot not eat the tortilla because there is none left, but who said there’s no more. Why is there no more?

The turtle has arrived but how did this turtle get there. Turtles are slow creatures and for them to travel is a feat in itself. Who knows how long it took him to get there and now he can’t eat. But who said the turtle came to eat.

The turtle isn’t the one talking here. Someone from the outside noticed and assumed the turtle came for the tortilla. How many times has the turtle been here? Where is here? Now the turtle can’t eat the tortilla but is there anything else?

I am not the author of this quote but I will give my explanation. I would say it means this.

The turtle is anyone who is working towards a long term goal. Who knows how long it takes the turtle to get there but the person is there now. The person came for this goal and is expecting an reward, so it appears from the outside. However, when the reward is no longer available, it starts to seem from the outside looking in that all of the person’s work was for naught. That is the outsiders while the person or turtle in question gets to decides if it was for nothing or not. The person is there now and whatever happened before does not exist. The turtle is here now.

This gives life to the path that you are on. That you will be able to finish. That you will reach the end. The long and slow journey you took to get here is finally complete. There is only possibilities ahead of you.

This gives death to your ideals. Since this says, you took too long. Now, you missed out on the end you were looking for. There is no reward for your sarcifices. The journey you took to get here was pointless.

The turtle has came but it can’t eat tortillas because there is no more.

Weather, you see the turtle in a positive or negative situation is up to you. Since, we don’t know what happened before or what’s going to happened. All we know is that the turtle is here.

Now what.

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