A place where you can find peace and serenity. Normally, a place where it is quiet and just yourself. A place, you can go to when you feel overwhelmed. An Oasis is what you need.

Searching for an Oasis can be an enduring and grueling journey. Plus the chances of you going to a desert and finding one is zero to none. Where should you go in search of this priceless Oasis? I would recommend searching the way I did. Even if in the end, you might find that your Oasis, does not end up meet the standards of an Oasis. Like mine does.

My Oasis is a place that I can be myself and have no thoughts of how inadequate I am. My Oasis is deafening to drown out the sound of my pities and sorrows. The cries of agony in my head are blasted out of my head by the sound of peace. My Oasis, is the place that I can go to and stop by anytime as long as I have seventeen dollars and seventy-five cents in my pockets. My Oasis, keeps me grounded to the reality, that my happiness can easily be achieved by coming here.

Oasis are being discovered, poisoned, expanded and sold everyday. Weather or not you have one makes you either apart of the two groups; one that struggles with the void of not having one; or one that sings songs of glee in their Oasis.

How depressing it must be to live without an Oasis. I have one and life is still as dry as it was before. Dry as it is, I would cry to the gods every night if they haven’t showed me the door to my Oasis.

Do not stop even if the blisters on your feet turn into sores. Crawl, if you have too. As long as you make it to your Oasis, the gods will always reward you for your efforts.

Now is the reward enough for your compensation? That is another question to debate about and it is time for me to go back to my Oasis.

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