How Many Can You Do?

Hey dude. Where you been? I haven’t seen you all this week.

I been here at home, finishing this project for some friend.

What are you doing for him?

This right here.

Woah, umm, what is that supposed to be?

It’s a miniature clay model of the Royal palace. This is the drawing that he wanted me to make to go along with it.

Dude, this is spectacular. Is he paying you for this?

No. I’m doing this as a favor because he let me borrow his car for a week, when mine was at the mechanic.

Nah, man you can definitely get people to pay you for this type of stuff.

Eh, how much would people even pay? I doubt that anyone would pay more than fifty dollars. It’s not worth the effort.

What if, we start business. You, make all of the models, drawings and other stuff while I handle all of the rest.

Okay sure.

Alright! You watch, people are going to be feening for your works.

I doubt it but okay.

The Next Day.

Helloooooooo! I am here with some of our first orders.

Already? How many orders is there?


Wow, that’s more than I thought.

Yeah and I am going to need it to be done and ready to ship in two weeks. Two weeks should be enough time right? How long did it take you to finish the one you made yesterday.

About a week.

Perfect then. We can get this shipped out in no time. Alright, I did my part. I’ll let you do your thing on your own now.

Fuck you mean. You, not helping?

Fuck you mean! I’m not the artist here.

Well I can’t do five by myself in two weeks.

How many can you do in two weeks.?


Great. That means we’re screwed. Hold on. I got an idea.

Where are you going?

I’ll be back.

This dude. What even am I supposed to make? An igloo with a polar bear chasing a baby seal. Who would want that?

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