Alyona & Andrei

Their story begins on a gloomy Saturday afternoon in the middle of a small town.

Andrei starts talking to a drunk man slumped over by the curb. As he approaches the man.

A beautiful girl yells from down the street, “Andreiii, what the fuck are you doing”?

Andrei replies, “Alyonaaaa come over here”. Andrei waves over Alyona with a beer bottle in his hand. Andrei laughs as she comes over to see him pouring beer down the drunk man shoes.

“Why do you have to keep disturbing the peace”, questioned Alyona. “The peace? This man was out here drinking a gallon of liquor”, Andrei replied as he finished the rest of his beer.

Alyona rolls her eyes and asks Andrei “What are you doing out so late.

“No, I haven’t, when did it come out”, Andrei answers as he tosses his empty beer bottle into the woods.

Alyona gets close enough to Andrei to smell his beer breath. “How many beers did you drink?” “Umm, enough to make me feel WOOOOOOO”, Andrei said ecstatically.

“Oh my god, I thought you weren’t going to drink today”, as Alyona starts to walk away from Andrei.

He grabs her right hand and keeps her from leaving. “Where you going”.

“I’m leaving because I don’t like seeing you drinking”?

“I’m not even drinking! I am perfectly fine, Andrei responds as he continues to hold her hand.

They share deep intimate stare into each other eyes. One of them turns away as the other laughs.

This is how their story begins.

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