They Took Your Money

So you say they took your money. Were you robbed? No. Then how did they take your money? Well, they told me if I gave them all that I had, they would pay me back two times more what I gave them. Was this someone you trusted? Yes. How long have you known this person? For about two months. Wait, you’re telling me, you gave all the money you had, to a person you knew only for two months. Yes… I know that it sounds bad but I trusted them. How can you trust a person that you only knew for two months? It’s a feeling. My gut said I could trust them.

Alright moving on from that. When was the last time you heard from this person? The last was… two days after I gave them the money. How long ago was that? Two weeks ago. And what was it that you guys talked about? It was about how they were going to leave to a new place. A new place? Yes, they said they were going to move to a new apartment. Did they give you the address to this new place? No. Have you gone to their old place to see if they were still there? No, I never been to their place. Have you met this person in person? No.

Okay. Umm, well I am going to be honest. Son, you got scammed. What no way? I don’t know how else to tell you. You never met this person. You don’t know where they live. Why would you give this person, all the money you had? I trusted them. Well, let this be a lesson to you. You shouldn’t trust a person that you only knew for two months.

So… there’s nothing you can do.

Nope, they took your money.

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