You’re going to do something that can’t be changed.

You’re going to say something that you can’t take back.

Stop right now.

This is not you. You are much more composed in these type of situations. Oh, how funny why am I lying. No, we are not. We are always getting ourselves into these type of situations because we never learn from our mistakes. We haven’t done anything new and productive in such a long time. We been living a life of indulgence and chaos.

Chaos that we love to have. The type of chaos that only happens because we choose not to follow the rules.

We haven’t grown. We act the same way we did five years ago. We have stagnated. Some times, the sun shines on us for a while and when it leaves to the clouds, we stay in the same spot.

Stop having fun. Get serious. Enjoy life through a sober mind.

Follow the rules.

Stop right now and go in a different direction.

Find a new type of fun.

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