Of Course


Of course, I remember what tomorrow is. I will try to make it.

Your Brother,

This was written by a wealthy man. A man who made his fortune from doing all the things that your parents told you not to do. A man who came from drinking out of the faucet to now drinking only glaciar water. A man, humble enough to know that he is not the star of the world even though people treat him as such.

Of course, this man understands that not all who treats him well, is his friend. A night out partying always brings new friends to party with. This man enjoys the company while he indulges in drugs and alcohol. The people around him have fun and fail to see his self destructive behavior. Some see and try to calm him down yet he convinces them that he wants to have fun for one night. They give in and the man gets his way.

Of course, this man doesn’t have fun just for one night. It goes on and on until he decides that it’s not fun anymore. However, who knows when that will be. This man can party for all of his life and his pockets won’t suffer. He doesn’t want to go back to his big empty house. Each night back from partying, he goes to sleep at a friend’s house.

Of course, this man is alone. He has a girlfriend and he doesn’t know if she cares for him. He questions it everyday in his head. He believes that he does care for her. However, he has been burnt before by the same situation. How is he sure that it won’t happen again?

Of course, he can’t be. The wealthy man has his family to count on, well some. The wealthy man is lost in his world. He wrote this letter to her sister.

And of course, the man did not make it.

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