So You Met Someone New

You say to yourself. Wow this person is cool.

It’s been a while since your last relationship. You realize that the last person was right, about you not being the person for them. You move on, figuring out what is it that you really want. You go out and have fun. Thinking nothing much about a relationship. You meet a couple of people and they grab your interest. The connection is there however you don’t feel that they’re the one. You play it cool until you know you want to settle down. Then one day, out with your friends. You make eye contact with this person.

Instant spark.

However, you’re out with friends, having a good time and you don’t want to chill. You want to be out and about. So you don’t talk to them.

Then a few nights later, you see her again and decide to make a move, totally wasted on foreign beer. You grab their attention by getting on top of the counter and asking for their hand. They give it to you. You think to yourself. Damnnnnn they fucking with the vibes right now. You talk to them about how you like holding their hand. The entire time you think, wow I’m drunk no way they really like me. You ask for their blue bracelet that they have on. They give it to you. Then you go home.

There’s a different feeling with this person. You know it instantly. You tell yourself how you’re not going to repeat the same mistakes. You are going to take it slow. That you are not going to rush anything.

Two weeks pass by.

You ask them if you guys are official and they tell you yes.

And that’s how you found out that you got yourself into a new relationship.

Bravo to you sir.

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