Girlfriend for the Night

One day, you’re innocent with no thoughts that come from a perverted mind.

Next day, you are getting your balls licked while masturbating and finishing in someone’s mouth.

The next next day, you realize that you love watching your balls getting licked.

At the end of each day you notice that you’re still alone. No matter how many times you open your body to someone else; that feeling always remains. You think to yourself that the intercourse was good, maybe we could try things out. You see them more times but nothing changes.

You go off to find someone else who can provide that feeling you’re looking for.

Then finally on your search you find someone. She is different for some reason. Was it the compliment she gave? No. What was it? Skeptical, you decide to keep searching to no prevail.

She asks what happened? Did I do something wrong? Why are you ignoring me? I say to myself, why would she ask that. I decide to see her one more time.

Now I cannot stop. She is, what I have been missing from life. The problem is that I cannot have her all to myself. Most would agree that is a problem. I find it all the more better. Now I do not have to give up a part of myself.

It’s funny, how things happen.

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