Synopsis on “A Legend in Apex”

3 friends decide to become Pro Gamers.

Pablo, Bryan and Christoper are three friends out of a high school that play Apex Legends, a lot. One day, Christoper tells the other two that he entered them into a Apex tournament online. Pablo, the causal and worst player out of the bunch reluctantly agrees as he does not care much for the whole gaming world. Christoper tells the two, that they’re going to have to take it more serious and practice every day. Bryan and Pablo take it seriously for a while until other stuff comes up. Bryan, tells Christoper that Pablo is not going to practice anymore. The two remain to take it seriously as they both have dreams of being a pro E-game player.

The Apex tournament finally arrives. The three calls themselves the “Soybeans”. Throughout the tournament, it’s pretty evident that Christoper and Bryan are carrying the team while Pablo is a fish flopping around. It comes down to three squads left. Pablo points out another enemy team and gets immediately downed and Christoper frustrated, snaps at Pablo. Bryan goes to revive Pablo but Christoper instructs Bryan not to. The last three squads fight until there is only two players left Christoper and Jon, an established pro Apex player. Christoper clutches it for the win and the “Soybeans” win the tournament.

After the tournament, news spreads quickly of Christopher performance and becomes an overnight Apex sensation. Pro Apex teams starts inviting him to play with them including Jon. Christoper tells Pablo and Bryan about the news and support him. However, Christopher says he wants to keep playing with them. The three continue to play and enter into more competitions with little to no success. Pablo flat out tells Christoper that he doesn’t want to competitively play anymore and that he should just join a real team. Bryan, argues trying to keep the team together while Christoper decides to visits Jon’s team. The two hit it off while Pablo and Bryan continue to play on their own.

Bryan gets an email of an Apex tournament that Christoper last signed them up for, the tournament has a grand prize of $500,000. Pablo calls him up to let him know that he wants to take it serious now for a chance to win the grand prize. Christopher is at Jon’s house and while being in an awe of Jon’s life. Jon invites him to play as an alternate in their next tournament, the same one he signed up for with Bryan and Pablo. A few weeks pass and Pablo and Bryan are now experts at the game. Christoper on the other hand is having a tough time in the online scrimmages against other pro players.

The $500,000 tournament begins. Bryan and Pablo with their new team member and new team name the “SoyMilks” see Christoper on the side. The three discuss about their situation and they asks him to join them. Christoper decides to play with them and the two kicks out their new teammate. Jon confronts Christoper about the switch and warns him that he is now going to be the number one target since everyone knows about his bad performances. Down to the last match with Pablo and Bryan now carrying Christoper, with him being eliminated from the match earlier on. It is down to two squads a 2 v 3 situation, Bryan is knocked down and it is all up to Pablo. He clutches it up for the win, winning them the $500,000 grand prize.

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