Writing in Snow

If you ever peed in the snow, then you have tried to write your name in the snow.

Some people want to be remembered in this world. Some are preoccupied in their own life that they miss out in the world.

Power brings happiness to the people who can’t be satisfied by money alone. They make it all the way to the top and now everything is accessible to them. They live a life that can no longer be restricted. No person could ever give that up for some strangers. The power hungry bastards fiend for the chance to make their wildest dream a reality. They know what is right and wrong, they know that the money doesn’t make them happy. The sickest people of the world are not corrupted by money because their morals are based off their own sets of values and nothing else can influence them. They have an obsession to see this world as theirs. You can never know of any of their evil deeds, the ones that you hear about, are the ones they are comfortable with being known.

A power hungry individual will forever be the monsters in humanity. To have power, is to have one beneath you and no monster has ever not taken advantage of the opportunity. They want to be known as the person they want to be. The truth is that they themselves know of their wrongdoings however nothing can be done about it, they are not the one that will expose their truths.

Power is the reason they wish to leave this Earth, it is too crowded here and they love to be the only one. Power is the reason they wish to have their names written everywhere. They are never satisfied and will never be.

Only in the end, do they realize that when they are gone from this world, there is nothing more that they can do. Their power goes away with them. The money, their possessions, the world they created is gone like the writing in the snow.

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