A Regular Man

He does not wash his hands after he pees.

A regular man walks outside and see the females around him. He thinks to himself how nice it would be to approach one. He doesn’t, in fear of that he will be rejected or worse labelled as creep. He idolized them from a far and meets up with his friends. He talks to his female friends causally and addresses them as if they had penises themselves. He asks for their advice on females. It rarely helps since the man is clueless about social cues. They all go to a party and drink the night away. The man filled with liquid courage is flamboyant and confident in his abilities. He approaches one female that catches his eyes. They chat for a bit and they exchange information. He leaves thinking that he has chance with this one girl. Days pass and there is no response. The man now knows, it was one sided, his ego weakened, he decides to go to his favorite place. A place where he is never denied and can have whatever he pleases. He comes back home relieved with peace of mind. The man wonders what could have happen with his past relationships if he learned from his mistakes earlier. The man in deep thought cannot get of his head and becomes mentally weak with his mind filled with regrets. Wishing to escape, he turns to his trusted friends to pull him out of the grave he dug. Instead, they pour cement onto him reminding him of all the mistakes he made. The man swims out of the cement before it hardens and is thankful for another chance. The man is clueless about the path he is now taking, only knowing that this is what he wants to do. He is happier than ever knowing all of his decisions has lead him here. Could this be destiny or coincidence? The man only says, “it is what it is and if its meant to be, it will be”.

A regular man could never be me.

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