Fragile Branches

“Olive trees for sale”, reads a sign hanging in front of a shop.

A man walks into the shop. “How much are the olive trees”, the man inquires.

The shop owner answers from under the counter “for two pieces of cloth”.

“Will these suffice”, replies the man holding a pair of mismatched socks.

The shop owner pops his head up like a meerkat from his underground home. He scratches his chin and ponders. “Hmm, these are two pieces of cloth but these will not do.”

“Well, why not”, the man responded. “They may not be a matching set but they can do the job any two pieces of fabric can, just fine”.

The shop owner shakes his head and in a hushed tone says, “the issue is not that these are mismatched, the issue is that these are your socks and it seems you have no shoes either. I cannot with good conscious take your socks. You can…”

The man cuts him off “I need an olive branch now! I have to make peace with this person. Please take my socks. I’ll be fine”. He places the socks on the counter in front of the shop owner.

The shop owner shakes and rubs his head. “Alright. Wait here.” He takes the socks and walks towards the back of the shop. He pulls a hidden lever and a box appears on top of a shelf that reads “Fragile branches”. He unlocks the box and delicately grabs a beautiful branch with olive leaves glistening under the dull lights.

He walks over to the man and warns him “now listen, to use these branches, you place the branch onto your forehead and think about the person you wish to reconcile with. After you have done so, you must place the branch directly over your heart and say what you wish to tell that person.”

The man grabs the branch from the shop owner with the utmost care and proceeds to leave the shop.

The shop owner yells out to the man, “If you damage the branch in anyway or the person decides to reject your olive branch. Then you will be forever cursed with guilt and forced to live a life without peace and the person hating you forever. ”

The man nods his head to shop owner. Kindly thanks him and leaves the shop.

“I hope it all goes well”.

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