All the Things I would Say

For starters, I would ask how are you feeling about us talking again? I would ask how is your Mom and siblings? Then I would start asking the real questions.

What is his name? How did you meet him? Why didn’t you tell me? Why did you hide it? Why lead me on thinking we were best friend when you didn’t even trust me with things like that? Have you danced with him already? From there I ask.

Has he seen the inside of your home yet? Why won’t you let me know who he is? If you like him so much why weren’t you able to talk about him from the beginning to me? What do you like most about him? Is that why you were crying in Colorado?

Enough about him, now I’ll ask about you. What are you thinking right now? Do you think you have changed? What are your priorities now? Are you enjoying life? Has your work life gotten better? How is the living situation going? Are you driving safe? We should race sometime, I would so win. I’ll ask if he gives better hugs than me. Do I bring only negative emotions to you? How’s your mental?

Are you almost done with school? Congratulations, are you leaving the country soon? Then at the end, I’ll ask you where do you think it went wrong? When did it go wrong? When did you stop feeling for me? Why did you give up on us? Why did you lose your trust in me right when it was starting to go up? Am I alone in this connection between us? Why didn’t you respond to my other messages expect for that one? Then I’ll ask about the past.

Did you see your ex while we were together? Did you think it was him and not me all this time? Why you choose to still talk to them and not me?

I’ll tell you all that you want to know, no holding back. The complete truth with no hidden details. The truth in me that I can never give because this conversation will never happen. This story ended already. I didn’t want to believe it was true. So I kept on reading the final chapter over and over again until I figured out the true ending. There is no other ending other than this. It’s over. Now it is time to finally give up on this.

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