Ethical Self Interest


A sense of a dominance after winning a fight is unmatched. You feel as if you can take on anyone and anything. It’s powerful, this must be how people feel when they have guns. This is dangerous because the next time an altercation occurs, who knows if you’ll win that fight. Violence is not the answer. Causing physical, mental and emotional harm is the scourge of human society. It is the plague in our own existence. We have gone away from being open to each other to a closed specialist role in society. Which is not bad. Specialization allows us to focus on what we want to do, however this makes us refuse to look or know subjects that are not in our own special interest.

Now everyone is in a bubble looking around for their own bubble. Little do they know, that they are already in their bubble. You are surrounded by people who are competing in the same space as you. Someone will try to find a way to get ahead. Someone will try to hinder others success. Someone will want to make sure, that no one else can achieve their type of success. Someone will decide that the best option out there, is to get rid of the competition. That is our world at this very moment.

Driven by self-interest is not wrong. DO WHAT YOU WANT! Self Interest is unavoidable.

All I ask, is for you to use your moral compass while moving to your goals. Ethical self interest will make the world a better place. To see complete strangers succeed and supporting others’ success. Now, that is beautiful. If you see someone in need of help while you yourself have already succeeded without any help. What do you think? Would you help?

If you said yes. Then we are on track.

Now I have to apologize. I would have said “No”. I would have succeeded and make it harder for others. When I was getting paid $15 an hour and the government said that McDonald workers are getting $15 my first response was not ” Oh yes. I’m so happy for them.” My response was “Why should they get paid the same as me when I work in a office and have actual work responsibilities.

This is a monster. The people who think like this are monsters. No ifs, and’s or buts. That is why I am sorry. I made my self interest a priority and that is why is I am not with you now. I manipulated you into thinking that if I work towards my self-interest that I am also working for our relationship. When you left I couldn’t see the problem. I thought I was growing but it was not the true growth that I needed. I tortured my self because I grew so much and you wanted to leave. You did not see any rewards for sticking by me. That is because I was still a monster. I refused to believe that you wasn’t being rewarded.

A revelation came when you left. I forgive myself for being a monster. I am here now and being ethical is the way to go. This is the path that will lead me back to you. This is the path that will make the old me promises come true because the goals that a person has aren’t the issues. It is the path you take to get there.

I will find you again and I won’t ever lose you when I do. Breaking your trust and heart is unethical and I will never cause that pain ever again. These promises are the ones I make to myself. The person that will tell me if I succeed in my promises will be you.

Truly Yours and No One Else’s,

Andrew Sheep

P.S – As I say this. I did steal printer ink from Walmart. Soooo I still have lots of work to do.

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