Status Update


To my dear friend in this world. I have some not so positive news. While I enjoyed my time going down the awesome spiraling slide. I think now they will call me soon to fight the battle that I am ill prepared for. Crumbling, is the narcissist ruler that feels, there is nothing in this world that can stop them. Rebuilding, is the humble soul with a soft jello heart, who has found a way to create new weapons everyday. In between is the large human mass, who identifies as Andrew. This Andrew, no longer wishes to build a bridge connecting these two separate entities. Wait, no. Andrew has realized that it is impossible to ever bring these two together.

He managed to keep these two under control but the sides have said enough is enough. War has broken out and he no longer can remain neutral . I do not know who I support. Nor do I care for this. All I wish is to see and hold you again. Tomorrow, Andrew will lets us know of his decision. Until then I write to you from on top of the buttered staircase and I wish you the best.

Best wishes,

Your Friend

p/s – To answer your question from before. Yes, it has been too long but life is forever so no need to rush.

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