No worries comes from no ego. Unconditional love comes from what I thought was trust.

I trusted that the choices I made would give me the results I wanted. Uncertain, at the moment that it will but we shall see. Time will always hold the answers of the questions that we seek.

I sent out to find someone who would always be able to tell me the story of their lives. I would devote precious memory space to all aspect of their lives and learn all the details that make them the unique person they are. I found said person and we grew to form a bond built from love and complete honesty.

I sent out to learn more not for the sake of me caring but to be a continuing part of their lives and caring for their sake. It seems that message has come off the other way and now I am seen insecure about our relationship. Worrying.

I learned from the past, that this was bound to happen and it is just better to find out from the source than later from a overheard conversation.

Unconditional is what we preached so where is it now? When I sent out a message relaying my concerns I was met with criticism and confirmation that we are not what we used to be. I did not think that we were what was. Instead the trust to tell the whole story, where has that gone?

Worries comes from the uncertainty of the situation. I am not worried because I am aware of the present. However, I am sad that what we preached of unconditional love was all I lie. There are no limits nor nothing that could bar me from telling you what you wanted to hear. I see that the same does not hold true to you.

What I have learned from all of this? That I value honesty and trust above all else. We may be able to love each other despite all of what we do. There is nothing that could stop us from loving each other. Unconditional love, but to have complete trust and honesty with one another that goes beyond all else.

Nothing is more intimate than the trust for another.

So can you really have unconditional love without complete honesty? I don’t think so.

The real question I think to myself, is what changed in a single day to make you go to the person I can trust with my life, to a person who is not even able to tell me what is going on with their lives.

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