Only Today

Tell me you care and would never let anyone get between us.

I will respond by saying the same and with me, we’ll go further in the world than with anyone else.

Tell me that I make you feel a way that no one else can.

And I would say that you are my significant other and no one could ever replace the feelings I have with you.

Tell me that no matter who you get close too, that no one could ever know you, the way I know you.

My reply would be that no matter the words, no one will hold the same weight as yours.

Tell me the whole story.

I will understand.

Tell me the answer to my questions.

Can’t you see you’re pushing me away, is that what you want?

Tell me if it is.

You said that you love me everyday even on the bad ones.

Only today, that’s not what I want to hear. Only today I want to know what is it that you’re hiding . Only today I want you to answer if you want me in your life for the rest of days.

You said you don’t owe me anything. You won’t answer my questions. You blame it on my insecurities for wanting to know. As if you haven’t betrayed me once already. As if you have never hid things from me before. As if this couldn’t be answered in a few sentences.

Only today I’m not looking for reassurance. All I want is the whole story. You have finally decided what you want and it is not me. Only today I cannot stay anymore to hear that phrase any longer.

What happened to being between delusional and soulmates?

You said ” I can be with anyone else”.

I say okay then, I’m sure you’ll be fine and not only today.

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