Old, I Will Not

My hair is never going to fall off. Bald, I will never be. I’m going to have a head full of hair till I lay in a casket. The bones in my body are never going to ache or make creaking noise. My knees won’t give up on me while I run, ever. Our immune system will fight old and new viruses no matter the seasons. I can’t ever get old, that’s why I will never have a beard. Being old is a mindset and I won’t ever allow my mind to be that set. If you say otherwise, then that is how you got old.

You old person. Ha, I’m going to live forever.

While you die and start decomposing in a box. Or when you get burnt into ashes and spread out in the world. I will be laughing with my great-great grand kids. I will be winning the Guinness world record for the oldest person every year.

In your face dead person

I can’t wait to get old.

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