Timing jumps

You fell now, your body is splattered on the floor.

You jumped a second too early, now you’re clinging onto the edge with your fingertips;you fell again.

You had it this time. You finally made it now what do you do?

There’s another ledge in front of you. You’re about to start your run then pause to think.

Why am I jumping? There’s going to be more and more ledges with no end in sight after this.

You know this ledge has a pretty nice view, I’m going to relax here for a bit.

These ledges aren’t going anywhere. So you stay for who knows how long till you decide to jump.

And then you fall, dead on the floor you think to yourself; I been jumping all these years why do I keep falling.

This time it takes you several more tries than usual for you to get to the next ledge.

With still no end in sight you say, that was my final jump, it’s time to come down.

The people on the ground say “we seen you fall so many times. How were you able to keep on jumping to the highest anyone has ever been?”

It’s all about the timing.

“But you fell like a bazillion times.”

Some people have better timing than others. Everyone is going to fall so I’m not worried bout how many times I fall.

“Is there any advice you want to give to the people you inspire to reach the top?”

Well I been jumping all my life, so it came natural to me. One thing I would say is that, you have to love falling as much as you do jumping.

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