Cardinals have me excited

With Paul Goldschmidt now on the team, I’ll admit I wasn’t totally on board but after Friday’s game performance. I’ll let him be my captain on the Titanic any day. I saw the game and he is on.

Kolten Wong, oh man let me tell you, this guy is healthy and he looks like a guy who wants to win a silver slugger award. I definitely can see this guy being one of our most consistent hitter this season.

Dexter Fowler is walking and that is great news and the Cardinals been making a lot of fuss about his contact speed is up again so there’s that…

Marcell Ozuna still cannot throw which is bad, a lot of runners are going to start tagging up on him. His legs looking better than ever and I can see at least 10 stolen bases this season. I WANT HIM BATTING THIRD but looks like my prayers will remain unanswered. Overall his performance might determine our season because if he’s not hitting , I don’t know who is going to make up the .280 batting avg.,  25 homers and 100 RBIS.

Paul Dejong, he still needs to learn how to dive-at least he’s working on it though- he shouldn’t

be our number 3 hitter, don’t get me wrong; he is a solid hitter all around but nothing that will offer protection for Paul Goldschmidt. Brewers realized that and intentionally walked him in his last at bat.

Our bullpen surprisingly looks strong however the rotation ehhhhh.

Of course this is all after 3 games, a miniscule sample size I know but the Cardinals DEFFINTELY got me excited this year than the past two combined.

Overall my predictions.

  • Miles Mikolas has a good not great season.
  • Kolten Wong hits 15 homers and drives in 70 RBIS becomes an all star this season.
  • Yadier Molina wins a silver slugger award.
  • Paul Goldschmidt wins an MVP and hits at least 40 big-ones.
  • Paul Dejong has a down year this season.
  • Dexter Fowler bounces back but nothing spectacular.
  • The bullpen doesn’t blow more than 20 games this season.


  1. Michael Wacha wins the CY-YOUNG.
  2. Adam Wainwright wins 15 games.





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